Revisions & Truth

by S.A. Bach

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Engineered & mixed by S.A. Bach
Recorded 2007-09 except as noted
Mastered by S.A. Bach, 11/25/14
All music by Sebastian Abraham Bach except as noted
All lyrics by SAB
Songs published by Straight Pathos (ASCAP)


released November 25, 2014




S.A. Bach Branson, Missouri

Late late late '90s indie rocker/singer-songwriter, producer and co-writer for Allie Goertz, lead guitarist and vocalist for Get Set Go & King Devil, former drummer and vocalist for Body Parts. Active 15 years in the LA scene as a solo artist and fronting such much-maligned groups as Oh Yeah, the Future & The Bachs. Third full-length solo album was released digitally earlier this year. ... more

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Track Name: Deathbed
You were the love of my life
And you'll be the love of my death
When that fateful day arrives
You'll be sent for, so come
And grant my final request
Rock me again

You swore off me for life
But you weren't aware that I was so soon to die
The thought may give your heart a chill
But please, spare me the sob story
I'm terminally ill
Just rock me, I still love you

Give me cancer now, God,
I need to see her oh so badly
It'll take so long to find another
Spare me the effort
I don't want to try anymore

We'll check into a nice hotel room
I've left lots of room in my will for you
Your husband don't never need to know
You can even picture his face if you like
Make yourself at home
Just rock me nice and slow, I'm fragile

Give me cancer now, God,
I need to feel her arms around me
It would take so long to find another
Spare me the effort
I don't want to try anymore

You'll come around by and by
We'll end up having a really awesome time
I'll sing you all your favorite songs
And you'll realize all of a sudden
That you loved me all along
And at that, my heart will stop
Track Name: Fading Away
Fading away
From the first day I've been fading
And here I'll stay
Fading, fading away

In an LA apartment bed
My arrival caused some bloodshed
My mom survived the strain
And since that day, we've been fading
Fading away

When all my well laid plans have blown up
I'll still be fading
When all my dreams are dead by my hand
I'll still be fading
When all the trendy bands have burned out
I'll still be fading away

On Weaver Avenue
We cranked my dad's amp till it blew
Once I'd picked up Phil's Strat and played
I'd signed my whole life away

To the gods of rock'n'roll
They can make a shy suburban kid feel pretty special
But they can also drive truth away
Fold you in and lead you astray

When all has been attained and given up
I'll still be fading
When I've won her heart and found it's not enough
I'll still be fading
And when all the trendy bands have burned out
I'll still be fading away

I should've stayed in Springfield
I should've had some sense
But I got my dad's confusion
And my mama's restlessness
And if I'd stayed, I'd say I should have moved back here, I guess

It's for the best and worst
I'd like to propose a toast to hunger and thirst
To rules we can break, to no escape
And to fading, fading away
Track Name: Revisions
You're the only one who's still around
After all the times I let you down
Your lonely heart still beats strong
After all the times I didn't bring you along

I don't care what I said before
You've always been my best friend and more
Let me back inside
Take me back inside
Your reflecting eyes

I was such a flirt, I was such a fool
Didn't notice who I hurt, I was playing it cool
You were open wide and were able to see
I was covered with pride and unwilling to face me

Let me back inside
Take me back inside
The reflecting eye
The reflecting eye

You planted seeds inside of me
Come home
You lit a fire inside of me
Come home

I don't care what I said before
Please look into these eyes once more
Say it's not too late
It can't be too late
Don't say goodbye
My reflecting eyes
My reflecting eyes


I can't hear you
What's that you say?
Weren't you the one who played me
For the fool I thought I was?
Weren't you the one who sold me
Some warped idea of love?

As I recall, you were never even here at all
Can't you see you were never real to me?
The songs have all been written
And that's all you'll ever be

You don't exist
You're in my head
You're an idea misattributed
A figurehead
I'm not sure who I was singing to
But I know she's dead

The best of me onto you I projected
It was my self hate that endeared you to me
And bearing witness to your weakness
Was all it took to set me free

I love myself and my family
And my friends and those who care for me
And every song I've ever written
And that's all you get to see of what might have come to be

I wanted to be inside of you
To get rid of me inside of you
But now I'm home

I thought there was fire inside of you
But it was just my desire bleeding through
Go home
The songs have all been written
Track Name: Truth
She was really young
He was really lonely
But he could only have what he couldn't want

He was high maintenence
She was really lazy
She barely even wanted what she couldn't have

He had all the wrong questions
But he couldn't get up the courage to ask
She was sitting on all the right answers
But she couldn't pull them out of her ass

She was really smart
It made him feel stupid
He needed to know she was on his side

His focus was sharp
But she was so elastic
It made him think that he was gonna lose his mind

He had all the right questions
But he buried them in songs he never shared
She gave out all the wrong answers
But she never knew how much she really cared
Till one day when she was cleaning out her heart, she found him there

It's the craze of the nation
He'd painted over all the holes she left
He was over it

He'd still sing the songs
But they'd lost all meaning
He chalked it up to youthful inexperience

She'd play them back
Searching for an opening
To a galaxy where it was all true again

When at least she had resigned to
Reality, she felt like it was right
She painted over all her holes too
And stumbled out like Frankenstein into the night
When she entered the bar she gave him a bit of a fright

When they meet as strangers
Like a couple teenagers
No fear of reinjury can break the spell
They can't contain themselves
And then it's over
And then it begins
Track Name: Repeat
running low on time
and you think you should make up your mind
but you know you could make up a lie
you know you could just make up a lie

in and out of dreams
in or out, nothing's near what it seems
what a laugh, what a fool believes
such a laugh when a fool believes

the end is not the end
the end was long before

life is on repeat
you have seen every face you will meet
you have seen every sight you shall see
you have seen every sight you'll ever see

they slink behind curtains to change
you get a funny feeling, but you explain it away

oh the end is not the end
the end was long ago
and if you still won't be convinced
then there's no place you can go

life is on repeat